Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My first pattern!

I've been horribly sick today, so I spent the day trying to come up with a new lace edging to finish the Hemlock Ring Blanket I've been working on.

I decided to play around with lace charting software to see if I could come up with something that would match the exsisting pattern and give me points all the way around. The pattern is worked on a multiple of 10 stitches so I figured 4 repeats was a great way to test it - really, it wasn't, but tell that to the Nyquil. It ended up turning into a lace square with a flower in the middle... duh 4 points = a square! I'll have to play with it tomorrow to make sure it will work when there are 50 or so repeats of the pattern.

Anyway here's the pattern and chart -

Flower Lace Square

CO 5 sts
Divide using your favorite in the round method - I chose Magic Loop
Row 1: K around (5sts)
Row2: *YO, K1* (10sts)
Row3-5: K around
Row 6: *YO, K1* (20 sts)
Row 7-9: K around
Row 10: *YO, K1* (40sts)
Row 11-13: K around
Row 14: Begin chart Row 1
Follow chart to row 7, loosely BO
Block into a square :oD

Chart - Link
(Couldn't figure out how to get the full chart to show, so there's a link to it above!)

Hopefully you can read that chart!
If not here are the written instructions -
Row 1: *K4, K2tog, Yo, K, Yo, Ssk, K1*
Rows 2, 4, 6: K around
Row 3: *K3, K2tog, Yo, K3, Yo, Ssk*
Row 5: *K3tog, K1, Ssk, Yo, K1, Yo, SK2p, Yo, K1, Yo*
Row 7: *Yo, SK2p, (Yo, K1)x7*
Row 8: Loosely Bind Off


  1. wow! you did it! how great! you really are a wonder guy knitter!

  2. Wow, look what you did when you were sick! Just think about the possibilities when you are well.

  3. A delightful square. So many possibilities for using this too. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with everyone.

  4. !!!!!lindo cuadro!!!!! lastima que este en íngles

  5. felicidades!!!!!!!!!! virginia rámirez ruiz de guadalajara, jalisco, méxico

  6. This is so pretty! Designed when you were sick as well...I'm impressed! Thanks for sharing:)